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Already posted the badge? Great. Why stop there? You can help grow the 350 Challenge—and the climate change movement—by asking your blogger friends and family to join too. There's nothing to lose … and only offsets to gain.

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Hey! I've got questions! (All about the 350 Challenge.)

What is Brighter Planet’s 350 Challenge, exactly?

The 350 Challenge is a small way to show your support to fight climate change. The more bloggers that get our badge, the better. Thousands of readers will know that the climate movement is spreading far beyond the typical “environmental” realm and into the norm.

Who is Brighter Planet?

Brighter Planet helps people like you measure, reduce and offset their carbon footprints. We are committed to demonstrating that small, day-to-day actions can make a huge difference for the environment.

What affiliation do you have with

Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge is inspired by Bill McKibben’s awareness campaign about the importance of the number 350, the parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere that we must aim for if we want to keep the planet relatively safe. Bill is on our advisory board and the 350 crew are some of our dearest friends from Middlebury College. The 350 Challenge is a way that we can help bloggers spread the word. To learn more, listen to the podcast about the 350 campaign that we did with Bill.

Why carbon offsets?

Carbon offsets play a crucial role in building a sustainable society. Many renewable energy projects are well suited to produce energy and meet stringent standards, but lack sufficient financing. Carbon offsets fill that void by investing in these projects.

What kind of offset projects are you supporting?

Our renewable energy projects in communities across the U.S. decrease our national dependence on carbon-emitting “dirty” energy sources like coal burning power plants. Some are wind power in public school districts or open lands and others are cow power on family farms. They all meet Brighter Planet’s stringent project standards. Learn more about our projects…

Who is paying for these offsets?

Brighter Planet purchases and donates the 350 pounds of offsets for every participant in the 350 Challenge. We feel that's a small price to pay to help generate awareness for the fight against climate change.

How do I install the badge on my blog?

If you know how to update your blog's template directly, just copy the badge code and paste it wherever you'd like. If you prefer using your blog's admin tools, take a look at our tutorials for Blogger, Wordpress and TypePad. If you're using another blog engine or are having trouble, feel free to drop us a line.